About us


ARMA is a company specializing in information technology, security consultancy and integrated solutions development through a variety of products, advisory services, technical and applied, which are using the best global technologies and follow the latest methods of development and follow-up. ARMA is a leading provider of advanced security and surveillance solutions. Based on the vision and commitment to make monitoring simple and affordable, ARMA embarked on a mission to make the world a safe and secure place.


ARMA Technology was established in 2017 as a consulting and security technology company to provide local labor market requirements.


Is to satisfy our customers and ensure that they have many benefits from their use of various technical products and services that improve their ability to use information technology and exchange information safely and fully.

Career Staff

1. Selecting the best human elements to form a distinguished team capable of meeting the needs of our customers.
2. Continuous training of the team and the latest technologies that achieve the objectives of our customers.
3. Studying everything new in the field of customer service to reach full customer satisfaction.
4. Continuous follow-up of all systems implemented by our customers in order to maintain system performance against all faults.
5. Work on the speed of implementation of projects as soon as the conclusion of the contract.